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市场上有很多经期内衣. 哪个牌子适合皇冠app下载? 皇冠app下载回顾了他们.

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月经的产品 are a world apart from what was available even only twenty years ago. But it can be difficult to determine which product is right for you—a decision that may be influenced by lifestyle, 体育活动, 安慰, 适合, 成本, 还有很多其他因素.

这就是为什么皇冠app下载要出版一系列 月经产品评论, written by the staff 在这里 at 线索 (and a few of our loved ones) to show you how we used these products, 他们是如何为皇冠app下载工作的. 点击这里查看其他评论.

Full disclosure—many of these products were sent to us free of charge, for the purpose of reviews. 这些是使用这些产品的人的公正的意见.




“I felt like a young girl experiencing a totally new way of living with her period!”

我的流程是: 中型和重型卡车

我要找: 能取代我的一次性护垫的东西

I wanted to try this product because I wanted an alternative to pads in case my 月经杯 leaks. The THINX website has plenty of information on how to use and take care of their underwear. 他们的品牌是正面的, 我真的很喜欢, but I believe t在这里’s room for improvement by showing people with bigger bodies.

I used the boyshorts between my first and my second period day, when the flow is heavier. 我把它和一个月经杯一起用,这样即使漏水也能让我感到安全.

I was using them as a backup, but I also wanted to test their absorbency as much as I could. I wore them for from midday through the evening, and I was positively surprised. 它们不仅贴合得很好,而且没有任何漏洞. 我检查了布料不止一次以确定. I felt like a young girl experiencing a totally new way of living with her period!

这是我第一次穿 期的内衣, but now that I’ve tried them, I’ll be sure to keep using my THINX panties. 他们的救命稻草!

-Ilaria, 线索的支援人员

“I’m actually looking forward to my 下一个 period so I can wear them again.”

我的流程是: 前几天是末日灾难,然后就很正常了

我要找: something that can contain all the blood with convenience, 安慰, and style

虽然我对这个品牌有复杂的感情, I had heard good things about Thinx underwear so I was curious to put them to the test. 首先, 包装简单美观, 有关于如何护理产品的明确说明.

The bikini is a plain black style without lace or frills—which suits me just fine. I tried them on the first day of my period, when I had an unusually light flow. 我整天都穿着Thinx,感觉既舒适又清新. A few days later, I tested them again, as a backup for my 月经杯. I found the bikini very 安慰able, and it did a great job of catching the leaks from my cup.

我对这条内裤很满意. I’m actually looking forward to my 下一个 period so I can wear them again. 事实上,即使我没有月经,我也会穿的.



我的流程是: 常规的

我要找: Something that I don’t have to change often, and that’s also good for my yoga practice

I finally had an opportunity to try the famous THINX period panties. I was already a big fan of their advertising campaign (REPRESENTATION MATTERS! PLUS, I LOVE ARTY ADVERTISING) but being able to actually try them on made the difference. THINX内裤设计精良,穿起来超级舒服. I personally use period panties only as a backup at night with a 月经杯, 或者在我经期的最后几天, 但经期过后,我还想继续戴着它们.

它们让我保持干燥,而且没有任何气味. 材料很软. You cannot really tell the difference from wearing non-period panties and THINX. 如果皇冠app下载不确定,他们提供60天的试用期. So, 如果皇冠app下载不快乐, 他们会给皇冠app下载退款的, 但我打赌皇冠app下载会留着它们,可能还会再买一双:)




我的流程是: 最长可达五六天, 与一天的发现, 光的一天, 两个沉重的日子, 有一天,阳光

我要找: a safe product that’s easy to use while on the run, at the gym, and at night.

我真的很兴奋能测试THINX经期内衣, but I was very hesitant about wearing the panties during the day without other coverage. 因为我的月经很重, I decided to use the panties as a backup method while sleeping at night.

Even though I was really impressed by how 安慰able they were—and amazed by the 适合 and the fabric—I didn’t feel 安慰able enough to wear them during the day by themselves. 尽管一条可以吸收相当于两条卫生棉条的血, 我不想带着第二和第三双鞋到处走. 在我繁忙的日子里,我可能需要多达6双鞋, 所以我认为这是一项昂贵的投资.


“我来例假的第一天就跟他们上床了 and when I woke up I felt that they had absorbed perfectly”

我的流程是: 轻度到中度(多亏了避孕药)

我要找: An environmentally friendly solution that will allow me to not worry about my period

在我的脑海里, period panties have been synonymous with THINX (in the same way that I always call paper tissues “Kleenex” ). 所以尽管我听说他们的好话有一段时间了, 直到现在我才有机会测试它们.

我试过男生短裤. 乍一看,它们就像黑色的自行车短裤. They were very 安慰able because they are made with breathable nylon, and they 适合 my body well. 我一点也不觉得拘束. 我来例假的第一天就跟他们上床了, and when I woke up I felt that they had absorbed the blood perfectly overnight.

在他们的网站上, 他们不仅提供“经典”内衣, 而且紧身连衣裤, 训练短裤, 和弹力全身紧身衣. 皇冠app下载可以为皇冠app下载的周期定制一个集合, which I find amazing given that I believe period panties are a much more environmentally-friendly solution to managing your period. 我一定会再次使用它们.


“这种布料非常柔软舒适——几乎像丝绸一样! 那材料我可以睡一觉.”

我的流程是: 一个巨大的、可怕的、血腥的噩梦

我要找: 一种环保的经期管理方式

像别人一样, 我总是把经期内裤和THINX联系在一起, 因为他们是我听说的第一家生产这种产品的公司. 但我一直很怀疑. 我有子宫内膜异位, 肌瘤, 还有偶尔的卵巢囊肿(皇冠app下载知道, 只是为了让事情变得有趣!),所以我的月经往往会非常重.

我试过THINX男短裤. 这种料子非常柔软舒适——几乎像丝绸一样! 那材料我可以睡一觉. I wore them as a backup to my 月经杯, and I was very pleasantly surprised at the outcome. 他们很好地吸收了血液,没有任何渗漏. Afterwards I applied a color-friendly stain removal spray and let them soak in cold water overnight before throwing them in the wash, 结果它们就像新的一样.

因为我觉得有点危险, I tried them again on a medium-flow day without any additional protection for freebleeding. 我不建议这样做. They didn’t stain my pants, but t在这里 was some porous blood leaking through the material. When I touched the outside of the gusset, my fingers came up tinted red. It was an interesting experiment, but from now one when I wear my THINX, I’ll use them with my 月经杯.

詹妮弗,Content Manager

If you want to explore more 期的内衣, then check out what 线索 had to say about Rael时期内衣 下一个. 皇冠app下载可以阅读所有关于这个和其他的 线索的时代产品评论 在这里.

下载的线索 来追踪皇冠app下载的月经.

A woman with black hair and a red shirt holds a pair of black Ooshi bikini-style underwear.



市场上有很多经期内衣. 哪个牌子适合皇冠app下载? 皇冠app下载回顾了他们.