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月经的产品 are a world apart from what was available even only twenty years ago. But it can be difficult to determine which product is right for you—a decision that may be influenced by lifestyle, 体育活动, 安慰, 适合, 成本, 还有很多其他因素.

这就是为什么皇冠app下载要出版一系列 月经产品评论, written by the staff here at 线索 (and a few of our loved ones) to show you how we used these products, 他们是如何为皇冠app下载工作的. 点击这里查看评论.

Full disclosure—many of these products were sent to us free of charge, for the purpose of reviews. 这些是使用这些产品的人的公正的意见.




我的流程是: 一个巨大的、可怕的、血腥的噩梦

我要找: 一种环保的经期管理方式

我一直都是 一次性垫. 当我上大学的时候, 卫生棉条似乎是个激进的想法, so I’m really interested in trying the new menstrual products that have hit the market in the last five years or so. 月经杯 seem like an especially environmentally friendly way to manage my period, 所以我很高兴能尝尝Lunette Cup. 乍一看, I was relieved to come across a menstrual cup that offered different cup sizes based on flow—most normally offer size differences based on whether or not the person has experienced a vaginal birth. 我的流量像季风一样大,所以我选择了2号罩杯.

盒子里有一本小册子,说明如何消毒, 清洁, 插入杯子, 哪些是详细的和有帮助的. I used the “punchdown method”, because that made inserting the cup easier for me (though I had to get a little more creative with my standing/squatting/lying flat on my back with my legs spread eagle positioning). There’s also a great tutorial video on their website that shows you how to do this. Their website also gives a comprehensive breakdown of their products, 值, and how-to methods that are super useful for any menstrual cup novices (like me).

后插入, 句意:我能感觉到它在我的内心打开,就像它注定要打开一样, 当我工作的时候几乎没有注意到它. __

不幸的是,杯子确实漏了一点. 我不确定这是不是因为我插入得不够远, 或者因为我戴了太久(我整天都戴着它, 然后把它倒空,晚上再插进去). 我想我需要多练习一下, 而是因为我用了大姨妈内裤作为备用, 这看起来没什么大不了的. I still think it’s a much better way of managing my period than using disposable products, 我肯定还会用的.



我的流程是: 常规的

我要找: Something that I don’t have to change often, and that’s also good for my yoga practice

Lunette的包装非常吸引人, 在包装的外部有清晰的信息. 小袋也很有用, although not really gender neutral because it’s decorated with flowery patterns (like Lunette’s logo). 我觉得这可能会疏远一些人,比如变性人. 在他们的网站上 我真的很欣赏使用中性语言 i.e. “有子宫的人”,尽管他们 有时会说女人. 我希望在使用性别包容性语言方面更加一致. I’d also like to see more people of color on their website to be consistent with their inclusive 值, 但我很喜欢他们博客上的身体正面插图.

The product packaging reassured me the cup is vegan, BPA free and latex-free. 它很容易插入,而且非常合适. 一旦我插入它,我就忘记了. 我用的是1号的月经杯, 哪一种适合中等到轻微的流量, but this wasn’t the right size for me at the beginning of my period. I used the Lunette Cup on the first night of my period, and it was leaking when I woke up. 我来例假的第二天, 而我通常一天要用3到4个大的卫生棉条, 我很惊喜. 使用7小时后,杯子没有满,也没有渗漏.

我发现这种洗面剂很实用, and I would appreciate a smaller “travel size” version of the wash as well.

运动前, 我总是喝光杯子里的东西, and added an extra layer of protection—like menstrual panties or a pad—to guard against leaks. I will definitely use my Lunette cup again, but I would like to try the larger size (size 2) so that I could use the cup for the duration of my cycle without worrying about leaks.

-西尔维亚,线索公司的支援人员 Lunette Period杯评论内容翔实inside@2x-80


我的流程是: 正常(2天重,3天轻)

我要找: 环保的经期产品

作为一个已经用了8年月经杯的人, I was excited to try a new brand and see if there were any differences. 我对明亮的紫色非常兴奋——喜欢它! I’ve only ever had clear silicone cups before which tend to discolor after a while, so I was hoping this cup would keep its beautiful vibrant color for years to come. The cup I got was the light-to-moderate flow size (size 1) which I thought would work for me. 我的月经很正常.

杯子本身很软/可弯曲. 茎扁平,有脊, 在取出的过程中,哪一种方法可以很容易地夹住, 但因为它很容易弯曲, it was very 安慰able to wear—__I couldn’t feel the stem after I inserted the cup. 我甚至在单车课上穿着它,但它一点也不困扰我! 干的另一个点:它是平的, 这样就没有空隙让血液滞留, which would have made 清洁ing more tedious (this is a problem I’ve had with other cups I’ve used).

Since the cup was softer and smaller than my other cups, insertion was smooth and painless. 所以被删除.

可悲的是, 这个杯子没有我希望的那么好, 即使是我插入的, 纠正它, 甚至在插入时旋转以“锁定”它的位置. 我仍然有漏洞. 重天, 我感觉Lunette杯装了我80%的月经液, 剩下的20%最后都在我的经期内衣里了. Even when I emptied the cup every 4 hours, there was still leakage on my heavier days. On my lighter days, leakage was not as bad, but I estimate I still had about 20% leakage.

整体, 我真的很喜欢Lunette杯子的所有方面(看, 形状, 感觉),但它确实缺乏一点在性能方面. 也许2号的更适合我. 我想我还是会继续用我的Lunette杯子, but probably not on heavier days and definitely with a pantyliner or with a pair of 期的内衣 备份.



我的流程是: 中型和重型卡车.

我要找: 能取代我的一次性护垫的东西

Lunette’s packaging is neat and everything is written in a friendly and empowering tone, 包括指令.

有两种杯型:型号1用于轻至中等流量, 而我试过的那个, 模型2, 是正常到高流量吗. 刚开始折叠杯子时有些困难, 因为它是由更坚固的硅胶制成的, but insertion was easy and I could feel the cup opening in my vagina like the instructions said. 一旦插入,我根本感觉不到它在我体内. I still have to figure out the right way to insert and remove the cup, 以及正确的定位, 因为它在五个小时后就明显泄漏了. 拿掉杯子很难, 因为我需要捏一下杯子的底部, 坚固的硅胶并没有让这变得容易. I don’t think I would use the cup again: the leaks and the difficulty in removing it made me realize that it’s not suited for me.

-Ilaria, 线索的支援人员



我要找: 舒适,高效,中性或有趣的东西

来例假时,我通常使用类似形状的杯子. This one came in transparent blue, and further colours are available. 我发现包装很聪明:多亏了塑料窗户, 我不用打开盒子就能看到整个杯子. The whole item is rather gender neutral, except for the pouch, which has a flowered pattern.

On the cover of the instruction guide is written “Your vagina’s new best friend”. 我笑了,我的爱人笑了,我的性玩具也笑了. 杯子本身是由非常柔软的硅树脂制成的, 它使插入和取出杯子非常舒适. 我在来例假的第一天穿着它,那是我最重的一天. It didn’t leak, even when I went to sport training, but I had to empty it every 4 hours. To 清洁 it, I used the supplied biodegradable alcohol travel wipes.

-Salomé, 线索工作人员的幸运搭档

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A person with tattooed arms and a grey shirt holds a purple Rubycup menstrual cup.



市场上有很多月经杯. 哪个牌子适合皇冠app下载? 皇冠app下载回顾了他们.